Youngsters shine in cattle classes at the show


2557 show cow 1  By ERWIN CHLANDA
The Alice Springs two-day show, an annual event since 1960, got under way yesterday under a brilliant blue sky and what looked like a bumper crowd – figures, usually around 19,000, won’t be out until next week.
Spokeswoman KheShan Gronow says all trade stalls are booked out and entries in competitive sections are high, with a record in photography.
Participation in the cattle section is keen, despite hardly any rain this year.
The dry season in Queensland and NSW impacted on the cattle sale on Thursday which mostly provides young stock for fattening up interstate.
Steven Gaff from Landmark says there were good prices for heavy steers ($2.86 per kg for Lucy Creek, $2.89 for Alcoota and $2.81 for Sandover), but heifers were hard to move and there was low competition for lighter beasts.
However, the entire yarding of nearly 3300 head was sold. The annual bull sale will take place at the show grounds this morning.
Cattle stewart Locky Fife says about 120 head have been brought in to the Show from across the region, and the Centralian Beef Breeders Association had about 30 head in the grand parade.
2557 show bull 1Some were well behaved as the cow led by Kiara Tilmouth-Presley (above) demonstrated. Some were not (at left) – but David Maude, taking part in the parade, didn’t let go and soon brought the bull under control.
Achievers in the led classes were Tom Honner (Minlacowie), Peter Fogden (Nangaringa), Sally Bekker (Bos Park), Pinky Lewellyn (Jillangolo), Vaughan Campagnolo (Savannah), Will Weir (WTW Brahmans), Jamie Hayes (Undoolya), Brooke Weir (TBW), Nicole Hayes (Undoolya).
Winners in the Pens of Two were Bryan Gill (Old Man Plains), Matt Bekker (Bos Park), Anna Weir (Sandover Pastoral), Nicole Gayes (Undoolya).
Results in the children’s classes:–
Handler 10 years and under – hand reared led poddy calf – 12 months or under: Riley Eagleson, Kelli Turner and Ellie Eagleson (all Undoolya).
Handler 11 – 18 years and under – hand reared led poddy calf – 12 months or under: Bridgette Cadzow and Eliza Watts (both Mt Riddock).
Handler 12 years and under –  calf/ steer/ bull/ heifer: Riley Eagleson (Undoolya), Nate and Angus Anderson (both Gumview).
Handler 13 to 18 years and under – presenting any of the following led: cow/ calf/ steer /bull/ heifer: Brooke Weir (TBW Santas), Grace Bekker (Bos Park), Will Weir (WTW Brahmans).
The Calf Classic – 12 years and under – poddy calf, handler presents their animal dressed up as a theme eg: red riding hood: Kelli Turner, Rilee Sabadin and Ellie Eagleson (all Undoolya).
Some results will be announced at the ball tonight.


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