Design tenders called for West Macs cycle trails


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Green line: Boundary of the national park. Yellow line: Proposed cycle trail Alice Springs To Glen Helen. Light blue line: Proposed Ormiston loop. Dark blue line: Proposed Redbank loop. White line: Larapinta trail. Grey lines: Roads, highways.

2579 West Macs cycle trails 1By ERWIN CHLANDA
The government is calling design tenders for a cycle trail and overnight high-end luxury camps in the West MacDonnells, a project estimated to cost $12m.
More than 200 kilometres of new trails for riders of all skill levels will link the Alice Springs Desert Park to Glen Helen.
The project concept includes three dedicated luxury commercial camps, and six more basic camps suited to self-sufficient and budget cyclists, says Minister for Tourism and Culture, Lauren Moss.
These will be spaced along the trail to suit a range of riders and accommodation preferences.
The ride will showcase breathtaking natural features and sites of the West MacDonnell Ranges currently inaccessible for mountain bike riding.
2579 West Macs cycle trails 2There is a strong focus on maximising employment of Traditional Owners and local Aboriginal people through the entire project, says Ms Moss.
The trail design and build will be to the International Mountain Biking Association Trail Difficulty Rating Green Circle / Easy, but the proposed trail is equally exciting for all mountain biking enthusiasts.
The images are from the tender document and show similar facilities elsewhere.
2579 West Macs cyle trails 3
2579 West Macs cyle trails 4



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